3ds max: Flag Tutorial in 3D Studio Max

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Our member Aziz Khan a.k.a. aziz3d wrote very nice and beginers orientated Flag Tutorial for 3ds max. In this lesson you will learn how to use Flex to create realistic flag ripples...

Flag Tutorial in 3D Studio Max

Hello every one!

I am here with my another tutorial which we will learn how to simulate flag ripples reacting against wind this lovely effect wont be complete without (Flex) modifier, in this lesson we will learn how to use (Flex) to create realistic flag ripples.

flex modifier can be useful when you are creating facial thrills, if you see when cow is shacking his head the thrills on his nick obviously appears and so on, you can create any kind of flexibility with (Flex) modifier.

lets start the lesson, open 3ds max or if already running reset it.

1-Now create a plane in the front view port as the same as image below.

2-Also create pole for the flag to look it as like in the image down.

3-Go to (Geometry>>Space Wraps>>Forces) then choose (Wind) like picture below.

4-Fix it something like the image indicating below.

5-Now select the flag and go to modifier panel from drop down menu choose (Mesh Select) picture below.

6-Expend the Mesh Select rollout click vertex then select all the vertex expect one column row in the left side of pole, like the image below.

7-With vertex still selected from drop down menu chose (Flex) In the picture illustrating below.

8-Now select (Flex) and go to its modifier under (Force) choose (Add) button then click on the wind, image in is indicating below.

9-If you see the (Wind) is successfully added in forces as image illustrating below.

10-Now expand (Flex) rollout and then highlight (Weights & Springs) the picture indicating below.

11-When you did this if you see the flag is changed the vertex color something like to 3 colors, why this color is different? the vertex in orange color mean these vertex are fully under force, the second color yellow its mean these vertex are not fully under force, and the last blue color men these vertex are out of force, like in the image below.

12-With (Flex) Still selected come down to (Advanced Springs) and check mark the (Show Springs) as in the picture illustrating below.

13-When you did this go to (Edit) menu from dropdown choose (Hold) like the picture below.

14-If you see now the springs are visible in the red color, ok now just hit (Create Simple Soft Body) like image below.

15-Come back again to (Advanced Springs) setting and uncheck (Show Springs) as in the picture below.

16-With (Flex) Still selected uncheck (Use Chase Springs) like picture below.

17-If you play now we still need some more tweaking to create realistic ripples as in the image below.

18-In the (Simple Soft Bodies) rollout change these settings as below.

19-Now select (Wind) and change the parameters like image below.

20-Ok turn on (Auto Key) come to frame 30 and then rotate (Wind) in Z Axis about 45 degree as in picture illustrating below.

21-Come over frame 100 do the as above once more like image below.

22-Now go to (geometry>>Space Wraps>>SDeflector) like in the image below.

23-And then place it in the middle of flag to avoid self interpenetration and then go to (Flex) modifier panel under Hit (Add) button then choose (SDeflector) like in the image below.

24-Still flag selected from drop down menu choose (Point Cache) as in the picture below.

25-Now in the (Point Cache) modifier panel do the same changes and then hit (Record) button then save it somewhere in your hard drive as in the image indicating below.

26-With (Point Cache) Still selected hit the button called (Disable modifiers Below) as in the image below.

Now hit play you should see the animation with ripples around, here is my final image below.


Hope you understood something from this tutorial and keep up good working, if you have any comments, suggestions, feedbacks, and questions are welcome I will be happy to hear from you.

You can download the end scene from (here)



Best Wishes Aziz Khan

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    it was so nice.....but very challenging....